These are things I want to do sometime in the future. Some of them are in progress!

In Progress

  • read 26 books in one year
  • have meaningful conversations with 26 new people
  • do computer science research (I’m currently at Computation and Cognitive Development Lab)
  • work on a solo project adding to the education technology space

Things I want to Write About

  • my strategy for technical interviews and how I’ve improved
  • funding and experiences at Grace Hopper
  • learning from leading Code Haven
  • TeachTech 2017 Recap
  • CS50 slides/resources


  • work at an education tech company (Summer 2018 at Chan Zuckerberg Initiative)
  • make a meaningful open source contribution
  • write and publish my first CS related article

Academic (Computer Science)

  • TA a class, leading my own section (Fall 2016: CS50)
    • polish and publish my slides/resources from that
  • TA an upper level CS class (Fall 2017: TA’d Systems Programming)
    • write down and publish my thoughts on that experience
  • do computer science research (In progress from Spring 2018)

Academic (Education)

  • finish a solo project adding to the education technology space (In progress, Senior Capstone)
  • take an Art History class
  • take a Law class (Spring 2017: Thinking and Writing about the Law + Bioethics and Law)


  • learn to use InDesign (Intro Graphic Design Spring 2018)
  • learn to use Photoshop
  • make something on Procreate that looks vaguely like professional digital art

Personal Health

  • attend a yoga class consistently (at least once a week) for a semester (Done, Spring 2018)
  • run a 9 minute mile

Personal Development

  • take an improv or public speaking class


  • go to Italy (March 2018)
  • go to Japan (August 2018)
  • eat at Very Fresh Noodles in NYC (July 2018)

Last updated Nov 3, 2018